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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tree limbs on a Jesus statue spell out God's love

Every now and then, you come across a story where people see images of Jesus (and sometimes Mary) in an odd, mundane place... in a skillet, a stone, a brick, whatever. My first inclination is to react with incredulity at the wishful thinking of the person seeing the image. Until, that is, I started thinking about the meaning behind the vision.

The story that caught my eye this past Thursday was about tree limbs. Following a snowstorm in Buffalo, NY, Georgianna Verrastro was surprised to find that tree limbs had fallen across a statue of Jesus behind the local Catholic school. The story was reported across the wire services, including in the Washington Post. Verrastro "told a TV station that her home didn't suffer any damage or lose power during the storm, and that she believes the nearby Jesus statue is proof that a higher power was watching over her family last week."

Admittedly kind of a tabloid story. But, like I say, I started thinking about the meaning of such a story.

The fact that she was able to notice something like this shows that Georgianna was actively looking for the presence of Jesus in her life. Seeing, she found affirmation that Jesus really does care for her.

What difference would it make in my life if I began each day by saying, "today, I want to see a sign from Jesus that he loves me, cares for me, and is watching over me." I might begin to see a whole range of things differently... events, situations, and even relationships. I might begin to respond as one who is confident of God's love, enabled to step out in faith, risking for the sake of the Good News.

Maybe we all need to be watching for fallen limbs.


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